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Business and Industry Operators

New Market Library Rain Garden Project
New Market Library Rain Garden Project

Take advantage of technical and financial assistance for Best Management Practices. Contact your local Soil & Water Conservation District or NRCS office.

The Town of New Market in partnership with VA Cooperative Extension, VA Tech and Rutgers University installed a rain garden to capture stormwater from the roof of the town’s new library.

Communities depend on balancing quality of life and economic activity. In the Shenandoah Valley, our communities and businesses derive multiple benefits from the scenic beauty and productive working lands to help recruit employees and deepen the strong cultural connections many residents have with our lands and waters.

Businesses can improve the health of our streams through efficient energy utilization, materials handling and waste management such as:

  • Reducing waste materials and landfill-bound trash
  • Implementing voluntary Best Management Practices such as vegetated stream buffers, rain gardens and bio-retention ponds
  • Reducing energy consumption thereby reducing air emissions and impacts on surface water

For additional ideas or assistance consult the following: