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Past Presentations

Sediment Fingerprinting to Delineate Sources of Sediment in the Agricultural and Forested Smith Creek Watershed, Virginia, USA

Presented by Dr. Allen Gellis

The Smith Creek Restoration Summary Report 2009
Presented by Mark Hudy

A Plan for Clean Water in Smith Creek
Presented by Faye Cooper

Smith Creek Watershed
Presented by Blaine Delaney

TMDL Implementation
Presented by Richard Fitzgerald

Pasture Management as it Relates to TMDL Implementation
Presented by J. B. Daniel

 Mapping and AnalysiS Potential
Presented by Fred Garst

USGS Work in the Smith Creek Watershed, 11-12
Presented by Ken Hyer

The Human Environment and It’s Influence on the Adoption and Diffusion of BMPs
Presented by Gail Brunk